13 March 2020

Exciting Announcement: My First Affiliate Partnership

I’ve been supporting Seed & Sprout for the past 3 years. At first there was lunch boxes and tote bags, but now there’s an entire range of eco goodies to help you along the way. I am so proud to announce that I am an official ambassador, and I earn a commission on the sales I promote. 

Seed & Sprout is a female-owned Australian business, based in Byron Bay. The owner, Sophie Kovic, is a total girl-boss and is a huge inspiration for me, personally. Her entire business was built from the necessity of a plastic-free lunchbox, as a requirement of her child’s school. The brand exploded as the conscious consumer supported her brand and sustainable philosophy. Now, a thriving eco-business, Seed & Sprout offers a range of sustainable items to change the way that you eat, drink, shop, clean, and prepare and store food. The website offers $10 off your first purchase and free shipping on orders (in Australia) over $100AUD.

This is huge for me. Two weeks ago, I didn't even have a blog, and now I feel like the real deal. An actual blogger with an actual affiliate link. At the moment, this is a hobby for me. I’m not expecting to make a full-time wage off this blog, (yet). I want to remind you that I’m creating content that educates and empowers, out of my own interest. And that takes time (which you already know is our most valuable resource). So please, spend the next 5 minutes checking out some earth-friendly products at the Seed & Sprout online store.

Yours in all things sustainable, 

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