22 July 2020

Clean, Tidy and Now Pleasantly Sustainable

In partnership with Pleasant State.

Has anyone else been struggling to find sustainable cleaning alternatives that actually work? Maybe it's because the eco-friendly solutions that I've found are either time-consuming DIY recipes, or some kind of chemical concoction, available at the supermarket with a heap of greenwashing buzzwords slapped across the label. 

Amongst the plastic-free July frenzy, I've seen numerous DIY recipes in my Instagram feed. The problem? I wonder how many people will continue to make them once it's not July anymore, and I also wonder if the price of buying each of those ingredients makes it worthwhile. And, while I usually go for DIY hacks, they need to be simple and effective. 

Supermarkets don't get offer any plastic-free alternatives in the cleaning aisle. (Well, my local supermarkets don't). And the ones that are advertised as "eco friendly", I hate to inform you, are usually not. It's usually a leaf or planet illustration carefully positioned on the bottle, intended to misguide and misinform the naive consumer. Although the ingredients aren't clearly listed, you've probably bought it with the best of intentions. Not only is it packed with a variety of harmful chemicals, but you've also just purchased another single-use plastic bottle, that will outlive you, in a landfill, somewhere.

Now, you, the conscious consumer, are wondering what kind of household cleaning solutions are available that are neither wasteful, time-consuming nor packed with artificial chemicals. What I'm about to tell you will change the way you clean. 

A few weeks ago I came across a start-up company that's revolutionising the way we think about cleaning. Pleasant State is an independently owned female startup business. The Pleasant State team are working hard to change the way businesses interact with consumers and put an end to mindless plastic production.

They do this by offering a range of "just add water" cleaning bars. The bars are formulated to work, simply by adding to water in their spray bottle. Easy as, right?

The bars are vegan and cruelty-free, asthma and allergy friendly, biodegradable, grey water and septic safe, pH balanced and hypoallergenic with natural antibacterial products. My favourite part: No artificial fragrances.

The Pleasant State Team sent me one of their very first Starter Kits, and I feel so lucky to get to review this product and work with them.

Opening the box, I was impressed with the use of minimal packaging, especially since all the packaging was recyclable. I felt that the branding and packaging was perfectly aligned with the values that they had spoken to me about and everything I had read on their website. I could instantly tell that this brand was genuine in their commitment to sustainability. I took to Instagram, filming IG stories to let you all know about my exciting new gift. 

I quickly read through the (very simple) instructions and we were full-steam-ahead. I added water to the bottle and dropped the Homebody Multi-Purpose Bar into the bottle. Two hours later, it had fully dissolved and was ready to go. 

Now, to play with it. I started with my kitchen bench, easily the most used surface of the house. I was amazed at how well it picked up grease and residue from goodness knows what my housemates have cooked. I then took to my bedroom, cleaning dust off random surfaces in there. The micro-fibre cloth collects dust like a magnet. In the bathroom, I used a different cloth. It's one that's designated for bathroom use only (for hygienic purposes). It worked well and left a beautiful lemon-myrtle scent behind.

Closing thoughts: Highly effective waste-free cleaning solution. I'll definitely be recommending this to anyone who wants an easy eco alternative to reduce their single-use plastic consumption.

As a product and as a brand, I'm highly impressed with my experience with Pleasant State and can't wait to bring more of their range, to you, as they're released. Not only are they making huge strides in the space of environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives, they're also donating 20% of profits or 2% of sales (whichever is greater) to cleaning up our oceans.

Pleasant State is currently collecting email sign-ups in order to launch their crowdfunding campaign August 19th. This means they need our help to make their zero-waste dreams come to fruition. 

Drop into the revolution and sign up today.

Yours in all things sustainable, 

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