01 July 2020

Lamington Snack Bar

I am a snacker. This is a fact. 

If you invite me somewhere, it’s likely I’ll come, and if I’m coming, I’m bringing a snack.

I’ve always subscribed to the “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it” mentality. Snacks are no exception. 

Back in May I ventured over to the dairy-free (DF) side and at first I found it difficult to find snacks that didn’t send me broke. I hear plenty of jokes about avocados sending millennials out of the property-buying market, but let’s talk about snack bars. 

When I say snack bars, I’m talking about anything that fits into the categories of protein bar, oat bar, museli bar etc. 

If you exclude dairy from your diet, you’d be looking at snack bars that range from $4 to $6. Each. And I get it, they’re packed with nutrient dense ingredients, so they are good value. But, I figured I could buy those ingredients from my local whole foods store for half the price. 

That’s how I came to making my own version of a Lamington Paleo Bar. I’m not sure if I’ll get sued for affiliating my recipe with the original brand so I’ve covered the logo, and will refrain from mentioning the brand at all. 

That said, I believe I have nearly replicated the taste of the [well-known brand] Lamington Paleo Bar. 

Check out the recipe below to try it for yourself.

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