09 July 2020

Moving, Blogging Hiatus & Life Updates: Part 2

Have you read the first part of this post?
Moving, Blogging Hiatus & Life Updates: Part 1

Of course, looking back, it makes sense why everything happened the way it did. And that’s the beautiful thing about hindsight, right? It makes all the pieces of the puzzle join together in wonderfully unexpected ways. Once I had a little cry in my car, I wiped my tears, put on my boss bitch pants and walked back inside. There was no way I was going to be upset about this. After all, I had done nothing wrong, and I’m a delight to live with. I opened my computer and started taking action. As I said earlier, hindsight makes me feel lucky that I left that place when I did. Because it was so soon, I still had plenty of active chats on the housemates' website I had used. And there were a few available still. There was one place I had my eye on, it looked beautiful and my interactions with the tenant seemed to be very friendly.

The next morning I picked up some moving boxes (I had given mine away in the last 24 hours. How annoying!) Ordered a very strong coffee and met with the new housemates. They were great, and they were pretty keen to have me there, and that felt great. I spent the day packing and unpacking, and we ended up having burgers and beers with a few of their mates over. You know when you meet someone and you instinctively can tell “ah yes, these are my kind of people”? I felt that.

I have been living here for six weeks and there’s something really homey about this place. I feel settled, and maybe it’s just me, but I think there’s something about living with dogs that makes people feel more comfortable. That’s one of the best parts! My housemates have dogs, and they’re the sweetest creatures. Kiah is a playful Golden Retriever and Raf is a well-behaved Maremma. Every day is more fun with my two new buddies.

Blogging Hiatus

I promised we’d chat about the blogging hiatus, so what’s been going on? First of all, I am, by trade an early childhood educator (soon to be an early childhood teacher). Five weeks ago I sent out 50 job applications and heard back from about 30. I went to eight job interviews before deciding which job I wanted. I was mostly exhausted from all the job interviews. A few days before my expected start date I wasn’t feeling well and basically said “she’ll be right” to symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored. A few days later I was in hospital overnight with a kidney infection. Between moving, moving again, recovering, working 4 or 5 days a week and the common cold I feel as though things are only just beginning to slow down. I’m settling into a routine, and that will include one weekly blog post and hopefully 5+ Instagram posts.

Life Updates

Outside of work, and getting back into blogging, I have been keeping busy with so many projects. First of all, I’m growing my bangs out and they’re down to my top lip now. I’ve said for over two years now that I will learn to ride my skateboard, and I finally have. I’m getting back into my functional/ barbell training. My housemates have a home gym downstairs, and I’m super lucky to be able to train from home (especially at the moment with all of the restrictions at gyms). I’m also getting back into reading. I try to set aside 30 minutes each night, but sometimes life gets in the way.

I’ve been working flat-out, and in addition to full-time work hours, part-time blogging and content creation, I’ll be adding study to that list when the second semester starts up. I’m really excited to move into the next chapter. I’m back and better than ever. Things are finally feeling settled, and although I’m keeping chaotically busy, there’s a strange sense of slowing down. That must be the calming feeling of developing a strong routine. I have plenty of exciting blog content and collaborations to come, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Yours in all things sustainable,

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